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We’ve teamed up with Astral to rally our fellow adventurers, followers, and friends to join us in a nationwide effort to clean up our planet and protect our rivers.. 

Please join us to celebrate National Cleanup Day for a DIY cleanup event on Saturday, September 18th. All you have to do is set aside an hour or two of your time to pick up an outdoor space that matters to you and submit your impact. 

Our goal is to clean up as much trash as possible that is harmful to natural ecosystems and wildlife – doing so will help our planet and keep those places around for future generations to come.

RSVP and additional details are below. 


80% of trash that ends up on the ground ends up in our waterways. 

~ EPA, Sources of Aquatic Trash, 2021


It's simple. Spend an hour or two picking up trash in your local neighborhood or outdoor space, take photos of your cleanup and submit your impact. Follow these steps to participate. 

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While this is a virtual DIY event, please RSVP so we can contact you with additional details. Plus you'll want to be on our list for prizes and giveaways.  ​Then mark your calendar and invite your friends and family to join you on Saturday, September 18th for a DIY cleanup event. 

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You'll need durable gloves (gardening gloves work great) a trash bag or bucket to put the trash in and some durable shoes to walk around in. You can also purchase one of our cleanup kits which has everything you need!

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Choose an outdoor space that matters most to you. Common places like local parks, trails, and creeks are great places to spot trash because they get a lot of use. Please be respectful of vegetation and stay on designated trails.  


Everything You Need to Know

What exactly is a DIY cleanup?

A DIY (Do it yourself) cleanup means picking up trash outside of an organized event. COVID19 made it difficult for us to host a large-scale cleanup event this year which is why we're asking people to do it on their own. By doing so, we can make a huge impact. 

What supplies do I need for my DIY cleanup event?

  • Cleanups usually don’t require much: some durable bags, work gloves and a trash grabber tool if you want. 

  • Closed-toe shoes are always recommended to help protect from any hazards.

  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water so you can stay hydrated. 

Where do I get cleanup supplies?

Any hardware or grocery store will carry gloves and trash bags (i.e. Target, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowes, Kroger) You can also buy cleanup kits on our website for $5 HERE.  

Do I need permission to clean up an area I choose?

No, you do not need to get approval from the city as long as you keep your cleanup to under ten people. 

What do I do when I’m finished?

Submit your impact and dispose of your trash. Dispose of in the trash you pick up in a proper receptacle. If you pick up items that can be recycled, please separate them and put them in a recycling bin. Be sure to fill out our Impact Form to submit your cleanup results!

Safety Tips

  • Be aware of waste hazards, glass, and empty containers, etc. Never pick up sharp objects with your hands and don't pick up anything you feel uncomfortable picking up. 

  • Wear gloves, avoid touching your face and wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds when you are finished. 

  • If you're cleaning up an area with high foot traffic, make sure you look out for bicycles and scooters. 

  • If you're doing an on-water cleanup, wear your PFD. 

  • Avoid housless camps. If you see clothes or any items associated with homeless camps, please leave them where they are. 


Other Questions • Contact Us: 

We've worked hard to put together the resources you need for a successful and safe DIY event. Please let us know if we missed anything, and feel free to email us with any questions.