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Down River Equipment Launches Rafting Community Program to Help Families Impacted by Marshall Fires

Down River Equipment just launched a Rafting Community Program to rafters affected by the Marshall Fire that devastated Boulder County last December. This program is aimed to help river runners replace their rafting gear by offering Pro Deal discounts and facilitating opportunities for them to enjoy a day on the river.

In December, the Marshall Fire burned 991 homes, making it the most destructive fire in Colorado history. Down River Equipment knew many friends and customers impacted by the fire and launched this effort to help those affected in a unique way.

“We're aware insurance doesn't always cover the entire replacement costs of lost items, so, we thought we could at least offer a discount to help bridge the gap for river gear," said Phil Walczynski, Co-Owner of Down River Equipment. "We also know that a day out rafting is good for everyone's soul and a break from dealing with the recovery would be good for anyone trying to get their lives back to normal."

Now through the end of the year, Down River is offering discounts to those who lost rafts and rafting gear so they can replace them for 10-25% less.

In addition to their effort to offset the cost of replacement gear, they set up a platform to connect victims with volunteer rafters interested in donating their time and expertise, at no charge, to go rafting for a day.

Down River’s team has set up a seamless way to match people affected by the fire with volunteers based on various preferences, including group size, expertise, and desired river adventures. Once they review all of the requests, they connect the two parties to share a day on the river.

“Rafters are a great bunch of people that we knew would be up for volunteering some river time to help fire victims take a mental health day on the river,” adds Phil. “We’re happy to help families impacted by the fire get back on the river, one way or another."

To learn more about Down River Equipment’s Marshall Fire Rafting Community program, visit

About Down River Equipment

Down River Equipment has been manufacturing and supplying the best river equipment since 1985. The company is owned and operated by river runners with a breadth of experience to assist customers with all of their river needs. Down River Equipment specializes in the custom fabrication, distribution, and retail of equipment for all types of river adventures. All products manufactured by Down River are made in Colorado and they are best known for their quality custom frames. They also manufacture dry boxes, sewn goods, tables, pumps, and cargo gear. In addition to their manufacturing operation, Down River sells river gear and distributes Hyside, AIRE, Rocky Mountain Rafts, Sawyer, Carlisle, Advanced Composite, Extrasport and Engel among many others. Swing by Down River Equipment to experience some of the best craftsmanship and customer service in the industry. Visit to learn more.

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