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We believe that when you love something, you will actively
work to protect it...forever.

Everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy, serenity, and healing that rivers provide. That's why we launched a program that gives people of all walks of life a chance to connect with rivers and have a memorable river experience.

Our team partners with local outfitters to take groups out for a day of fun and river stewardship. We cater the program to each group and each one includes a hands-on education component, lunch, and a memorable river experience.

We hope these experiences are healing and help people fall in love with rivers like we have, and transform them into river protectors. 


We officially launched our access program in June of 2024 thanks to the support of Fort Collins Kia & Nissan. The owner of the dealership, Jay Weibel, is a passionate river run who believes rivers can transform lives. They funded the test-pilot of the program and we are excited to grow it over the next few years!

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