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Meet the Woman in Charge

Ive never had an easy time writing about myself, and my husband couldn't have told our story better when he secretly posted on our Instagram page to highlight me for International Women's Day. This blog post is written by him and believe me, he's giving me way too much credit.

My wife doesn't know I'm doing this, but I felt I had to say something. Since it is International Women's Day, I want to share how impressive she has been over the past few months.

Sarah and I had a really tough end to 2020; who didn't? We lost her dad, and he was way too young. We still have tough days thinking about him. On top of that, we both lost our jobs. While things seemed to be spiraling out of control, Sarah didn't miss a beat. She took a day or two and collected herself and got her thoughts in place. Before I knew it, she had taken on the task of running a nonprofit. I'll be perfectly honest, it was a tough pill to swallow as we had no income coming in, and our savings were running low. We went back and forth on whether this was the right decision or not.

It didn't take long to realize that Sarah had to dedicate her time to Protect Our Rivers. And in doing so, she has gone far past inspiring me. She works so hard it brings her to tears at times. Aside from leading the charge with Protect Our Rivers, she is filling the time she usually has to herself with a second job to bring in income. Somehow she still manages to take our needy dogs on long walks, find time for her workouts, plan trips, and take me out on dates that I probably don't deserve. Every day she brings excitement to our lives.

Over the past few years, Sarah's passion and love for doing good and making a difference has grown into an immovable force. Sarah is truly the single most kind, powerful, and inspiring woman I have ever met. She has a natural and unique way that draws people to her. And the small growing community she has built behind her cause is nothing short of amazing.

Cheers to Sarah, the future of Protect Our Rivers, river life, and so many great memories to come.

Chase Nelson

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