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Joining Forces with Lavabox - A Partnership to Stamp Out Wildfires and Protect Our Rivers

Today, two rapidly growing Colorado start-ups announced their partnership. LavaBox Portable Campfires™ publicly revealed a new collaboration with nonprofit organization, Protect Our Rivers, in an effort to curb the heart-breaking impacts of wildfires on rivers and streams. Both born on the river, Lavabox and Protect Our Rivers share a vision of a world that puts the health of waterways and forests at the forefront of environmental reclamation efforts. Their fun-loving approach to conservation and passion for protecting the places they love drives their grassroots effort to make a long-lasting impact on America’s endangered rivers and National Forests.

“I created LavaBox to stem wildfires with a product that would be fun, easily adopted, and highly utilized,” says Joshua Thurmond, Founder and Chief Eruption Officer of LavaBox Portable Campfire™. “I quickly realized that Protect Our Rivers’ mindset is the same. When you do something fun and exciting everyone wants to join in. People forget they are changing the world. They are just doing the right thing and feeling good doing it.”

Sarah Nelson, Executive Director & Founder of Protect Our Rivers, adds, “It’s easy to forget that rivers and forests rely on each other to survive. Downstream impacts like mudslides, erosion, and ash impact river health long after containing the wildfire. Likewise, forests need healthy river systems to recover and thrive. I’m excited that our partnership will spread love to both rivers and trees by empowering people to make decisions that reduce harm.”

Nearly 85% of all wildfires are human-caused and are generally preventable. These wildfires have a direct impact on our rivers and streams. Water that moves through an area affected by wildfire tends to be heavily polluted with debris, mud, and large sediment loads. This flood of unexpected water changes the streambed, harms wildlife, and, oftentimes, has a destructive impact on the surrounding communities.