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River Trip Round-Up: Must-Haves from the River Community

Planning for river trips is always a task, and each trip requires planning and creativity. We asked some of our partners about their must-have river items and here's the list we came up with! We hope this helps make your life on the river and more fun! Comment and let us know what we missed!

1. Coffee - Jetboil

Waking up to a warm cup of coffee is something I look forward to, no matter where I am. Plus, I’m pretty dysfunctional in the morning until I’ve had my first sip. We bought a Jetboil last summer and that thing is a game-changer. It makes it easy to get a cup of coffee going quick, so you have time to enjoy it before you pack up and head out on the river.

- Sarah Nelson, Executive Director of Protect Our Rivers

2. Watershed Chattooga

"Whether I'm rowing or paddling, this bag is always with me. It's easy to rig anywhere, and it's great for keeping stuff handy on both day and multi-day trips. It's a good size to carry rain gear and extra layers and if you end up having extra room in it, you can roll it down to a smaller size. Worry-free, durable, submersible dry storage. A+"

- Thomas, Customer Liason at Down River Equipment

3. Binoculars and a Dictionary

Binoculars to see what’s going on or spot wildlife. And the influence a dictionary can have on deep conversations while floating down the river and talking or around a fire at night is as wild as the night sky.