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Yakoda Supply will support, inspire, and educate as the 5th Founding Partner of Protect Our Rivers

In a total state of relaxation, I watched friends cast off their boats into the crystal clear water that flows below Flaming Gorge Dam. As we floated down the river, we became surrounded by red canyon walls covered in lush green trees, and I found myself mesmerized by the site of the wild fish swimming below me. I snapped out of it when my buddy called my name and threw me a beer. I remember thinking, "It's places and times like this I live for."

It's moments and places like this that need our protection, and we're excited to announce that Yakoda Supply is joining us in our effort to protect rivers and the fish that call them home.

Yakoda Supply makes some of the best functional fly fishing gear on the market, and as fisherpeople, they spend most of their days on the water with hundreds of aquatic species. From day one, they’ve made it a priority to give back to nonprofit organizations like ours and to preserve waterways and the livelihood that exists within.

As a Founding Partner, Yakoda will help educate people about freshwater fish and aquatic species, support river cleanup events, and, importantly, work to inspire people to connect with rivers in new ways through fly fishing.

Drew Carlson, Brand Manager at Yakoda, who welcomed this partnership, adds. “We are all passionate about fishing over here at Yakoda, as so many of our adventures are based around water. One of our favorite species, trout, thrive in cold, clean water. By protecting and preserving those waterways, we can ensure these beautiful creatures are there for future generations to enjoy. We hope those fish inspire these future generations to protect the river, just like they inspired us.”

Fish play an essential role in healthy river ecosystems. They help control aquatic creature populations and are a food source for wildlife for animals across the food chain. They also play an essential role in river nutrient cycles. And sadly, as of last year, one-third of freshwater fish are facing extinction, and second to climate change, plastic pollution is the number one killer.

“The plastic pollution problem is real, and each year is becoming a bigger threat to rivers and native fish,” says Sarah Nelson. “Yakoda’s passion for fish and rivers is luminous, and they are serious about doing everything they can to keep them alive. They spend so much time up close and personal with amazing fish, making them a perfect partner to weigh in and spread knowledge to adventurers anywhere they can."

Drew Carlson adds, “One thing we love about fishing is the beautiful places it takes us. From remote and rugged alpine lake headwaters to small overgrown creeks lower in elevation, the scenery always has us coming back for more. Trash on the rivers takes away from this experience and can snap you out of the serenity that is fly fishing.”

Drew continues, “We are excited to work with a Colorado-based nonprofit that has already done so much to help the local waterways we love! As a partner, we hope to be a fresh perspective to help support their mission.”

Yakoda Supply hopes to meet new people through the river community and share fly-fishing with anyone who wants to learn. To get in touch with Yakoda, follow them on Instagram @yakodasupply or visit

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