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A Better World - Story Behind Outdoor Prolink

On a sunny, but windy day in April 2022, we kicked off our partnership with Outdoor Prolink by bringing cleanup efforts back to Boulder Creek. This was the first attempt at cleaning up the creek since the pandemic struck and community efforts were halted. We both arrived excited, and determined to spread some love to Boulder Creek, yet unsure of how many people would show up to help.

We were still setting up when we saw a bunch of folks making their way from the parking lot to join us. Within minutes, we had a huge crowd of volunteers ready to tackle the trash in Boulder Creek. It was amazing to see so many people come together! In less than two hours, over 100 people managed to pick up 857 pounds of trash at our first cleanup event. Our second event was even bigger and better, with over 1,000 pounds of trash removed by a growing number of volunteers. Not only did we help clean up the creek, but we also gave people a firsthand look at the problems it's facing.

It's days like this that are only possible thanks to our partners like Outdoor Prolink. In case you haven't heard of them, Outdoor Prolink connects outdoor professionals with great gear from top outdoor brands. By offering great gear to pros at a better price, they're getting more people outside and helping them discover a love for the great outdoors.

Protect Our Rivers believes that when you learn to love something, you will actively work to protect it…forever. Similarly, Outdoor Prolink believes that "the world is a better place when people go outside."

Apart from getting people outside and volunteering in their community, Outdoor Prolink goes the extra mile to support nonprofit organizations that align with their mission and work hard to protect the environment. To honor and support their nonprofit partners, they feature them on their blog, "Dirt Bag Dreams," and encourage their customers to donate at least a dollar checkout. Considering the rad discounts customers get on gear, it's a great opportunity to encourage customers pay it forward and support a good cause.

We love their passion and creative approach to getting people out in nature while simultaneously supporting organizations that work hard to protect it. Outdoor Prolink’s 2023 contribution will help us grow and amplify our impact. AND since our first cleanup, we've inspired other companies to host river cleanups on Boulder Creek.

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