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How Our 8 Colorado Rivers Rank in Water Quality from Best to Worst

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Many factors play into river health; water quality is one of them. Here's how our eight rivers in Colorado rank. Are you surprised by anything?

# 1 The Yampa • Excellent

The Yampa is known for its stunning beauty and wild nature. It is also a model of a healthy river system. There is hardly any pollution, no major mines or dams impact the quality or flow of the river, and the temperature remains relatively stable year over year. Thanks to Friends of the Yampa for protecting this incredible river!

#2 North Platte River • Good

Water quality on the North Platte is pretty good which means the fish at this renowned fishing hot spot are happy in their ecosystem. The main issues in water quality stem from oil pollution and gas activity. In recent years there have been lower levels of dissolved oxygen which are critical for fish to survive. To prevent this, we need to make strides towards maintaining water quality and flow for the long term.

#3 Rio Grande • Good