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Protect Our Rivers and Valley Auto Group Engage Local Communities And Drive Positive Change

Valley Auto Group, a family-owned and operated auto dealership, and Protect Our Rivers, a river conservation nonprofit organization, are thrilled to announce their partnership to protect rivers for future generations. This collaboration stems from their shared passion for preserving the beauty, tranquility and experiences rivers provide us all. By joining forces, Protect Our Rivers and Valley Auto Group hope to involve local communities in driving positive change.

Protect Our Rivers and Valley Auto Group kicked off the partnership on World Water Day with a cleanup on St. Vrain Creek in Longmont, Colorado. Despite the unexpected snow, volunteers showed up and collected over 400 pounds of trash from the creek. “Protect Our Rivers gets us out to enjoy the outdoors, bond with our community, and make a positive impact,” says Owner, Jay Weibel. “After our hard work, we usually go to a local brewery to celebrate with a cold beer. It's a great feeling!”

The partnership initiatives go beyond the traditional river cleanups and include creative programs such as an engaging activity sheet for children available at car dealerships. “The interactive worksheet is designed to educate and entertain young minds and aims to foster a sense of responsibility for our rivers in children,” says Jay Weibel. “Through this program, we hope to inspire the next generation to care for our rivers and take action to protect them.”

Executive Director of Protect Our Rivers, Sarah Nelson highlights that the Valley team has encouraged them to have some fun and come up with creative ways to engage the community. “We created a traveling trash display that Valley has been transporting to their dealerships and displaying on showroom floors. The display is a river raft filled with trash items commonly found during cleanup events and is designed. to shed light on the amount of junk that ends up in our waterways.”

The display is currently at Loveland Ford, a few miles from where their next cleanup will take place on Thursday, June 22nd. The event is open to the public and free to join.

To join a cleanup visit and to learn more about the locally owned and operated auto group visit

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