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River Trippin' in 2021

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

This season is an unusual one, it felt like spring came late, and the lack of runoff makes it even trickier to run certain sections in Colorado. We've been lucky to get out boating a decent amount and have paddled below recommended CFS in some cases. Here are some details on stretches we've personally run in the past few months. I hope sharing these experiences is helpful and makes it easier for you to decide where to go on your next river adventure.

#1 Clear Creek: Chicago Creek to Kermit's

Current CFS: HERE

Flow Range: 200-1,500

Recommended: 200+

Clear Creek is its own animal with various stretches that have a range of rapid classifications. The most popular day run is a 6 mile stretch from Chicago Creek to Kermit's Restaurant and Bar. This section has some fun whitewater, but nothing intimidating like the stretches below.

From Kermit's takeout down, the water gets bigger and more technical. It's a blast but requires you to be a more advanced rafter (we were lucky to go with some of our friends and Downriver Equipment, who know the drill).

#2 The Arkansas River • Browns Canyon