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The Power of People - An Inspirational Water Story

Updated: May 8, 2023

In March 2018, Cape Town was on the brink of becoming the first city in the world to face a severe water crisis. The dams that supplied water to the city were only at 13.5% capacity, and residents were consuming an average of 237 liters a day. To avoid running out of water, citizens had to reduce their water consumption to just 50 liters per day. As the situation became even more critical, water allowances dropped to 25 liters per day.

Restrictions on water use and decent rainfall pulled Cape Town away from the brink of the "Day Zero" water crisis. The crisis also sparked some incredible innovations and proved that individual actions add up to make a significant impact.

Smart water meters were installed in schools, which helped Capetonians reduce their daily water consumption to just 105 liters - less than half of what they consumed before. For the first time, people were aware of how much water they were using and cared to do something about it. Flash forward to today, and Cape Town's dams are sitting around 50% (35% higher than before).

We share this story because it highlights the impact of individual efforts, showing that small actions can make a big difference.

Please continue to be the incredible humans you are and your effort to protect rivers. Take shorter showers, use less water, pick up trash on the street when you see it, and leave no trace wherever you go. All of these things add up and are a recipe for a better world and a happier future for our rivers. Keep up the good work!

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